Sell Your House Fast!

Sell Your House Fast!For many, the process of selling a home rivals that of buying a home. It can be even more stressful and exhausting since you’re hoping to get a nice chunk of change for your investment. If you don’t get any bites, you’re stuck.

The pressure is on.

Before you start second-guessing yourself and lose confidence, know that it is entirely possible to sell your house fast. Let’s explore your options!

Sell Your House Fast

When it comes to selling, you’ve got a few opportunities if you know where and how to look.

  • You can list your house with one of the top real estate agents in the area—someone with a track record for selling homes fast.
  • You can handle the sale yourself by going the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) route, which means doing your own marketing and sharing by word-of-mouth.
  • You may qualify for a short sale if you’re unable to make your monthly mortgage payments.
  • You can receive a quick cash offer in less than 24 hours from a real estate investor in your area.

Now, it’s important to note that a few of these choices are far more challenging and/or costly than the rest. For example, hiring a top-rated real estate agent is going to cost you. You’ll pay their fees and a commission on the sale. You lose money.

Then, there’s selling the house yourself. It’s tough. It takes a lot of work and a lot of marketing. In the end, all of that hard work may not pay off.

The one option that’s guaranteed to put money in your pocket is the investor route. You can call a local real estate investor, explain your situation, show them your home, and receive a cash offer within 24 hours.

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How the House Selling Process Actually Works

How the House Selling Process Actually WorksTo many, selling a home is more challenging a process than buying a home, but that’s not to say the process is often convoluted and challenging to undertake. If you’re selling a house traditionally, by the owner or with a listing agent, the path is pretty straightforward.

Selling a House

The more traditional method can be broken down into a few steps:

  • Listing Agent – You’ll want a listing agent to represent you and look out for your best interests.
  • Home Worth – Knowing the total value of your home makes a huge difference in the process. If you price too high, no one will make a move. Too low and you risk losing a lot of money.
  • Preparation – Going the traditional route often means making significant and costly repairs, renovations, and cleanup.

The Quick and Lucrative House Selling Process

Your other options, and perhaps the faster and more convenient of the two, is to find a local real estate investor. The process is simple. You pick up the phone and contact a local real estate investor who can make an offer on your home within 24 hours.

There are a number of benefits to working with a real estate investor, such as:

  • 24 Hours – You can receive a cash offer within 24 hours of your initial phone call.
  • “As-Is” Sales – You do not need to pay for any repairs or renovations; an investor will buy a home in any condition.
  • Fast Closing – The entire house-selling process is wrapped up quick and easy – often in well under a month.

If you’re keen on selling a house in Colorado Springs, CO, contact Sell My House Today at 719-476-2727. We’ll make a quick cash offer and you can enjoy a fast sale!

What if my House is in Good Condition?

My House is in Good Condition While a lot of the marketing for real estate investment is focused on buying and selling ‘ugly’ homes, that’s not always the case. For many homeowners, an old home is just difficult to sell on the housing market. There are too few buyers looking to invest in a fixer-upper. But a real estate investor? They will buy any house in any condition. So yes, even if your home is in good condition, an investor will make you an offer. The offer you receive will be reflective of the condition of the home.

Any House, Any Condition

A real estate investor worth their weight is invested in the community. The entire point of buying and selling houses is to help bolster the community. As such, investors typically purchase any type of home in any condition and in any neighborhood. They do not discriminate.

So, if your home has noticeable signs of age and disrepair, that’s okay. You can still receive a cash offer in under 24 hours for your house. But if your home is in good condition, with recent updates and renovations, the offer you receive will reflect that.

Benefits of Selling to Investors

There are a few benefits to selling a house to a real estate investor. These include:

  • Flexible Payment Options – Many investors offer flexible payment options, including certified funds, cash, and assumption of existing mortgage payments.
  • Any Condition – Investors will buy a home in any condition. You are not required to pay for repairs or renovations to the property.
  • Fast Closing – Many investors are able to close in under seven days, as the sale does not rely on financing, appraisals, or inspections.

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Who Sells Houses to Sell My House Today

Who Sells Houses to Sell My House TodayThere has long been a certain stigma surrounding real estate investors. Yes, there are a lot of amateurs in the business. They advertise their home-buying services on the side of a road, with a shoddily-made sign stuck into the grass. These are not the majority, though. The majority of real estate investors are extremely professional and efficient business people who want to help homeowners. Here at Sell My House Today, we work with all types of homeowners on a regular basis, including those who no longer wish to own property, those who need quick cash, and those who cannot afford the repairs or renovations after a disaster.

Types of Homeowners We Help

There is no one type of homeowner that we help. We help every type of homeowner imaginable. Yes, even those in a challenging situation – whatever that situation may be currently.

We help:

  • Homeowners who are behind on their mortgage and owe the bank quite a bit of money, or those who are currently facing foreclosure because of their late payments.
  • Homeowners who have a growing family and need a larger house with adequate space for children, pets, and an abundance of possessions accumulated over the years.
  • Homeowners who have recently had severe property damage, including water or fire damage in the home.
  • Homeowners who no longer want the responsibility of owning property and would rather make some quick cash to travel or pursue hobbies instead.

As you can see, we help all types of homeowners who require a real estate investor’s expertise and drive. Here at Sell My House Today, we’re prepared to make you a quick cash offer for your property – no matter the condition – within 24 hours.

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